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For Dark Hearts and Twisted Minds

Nocturnal Magazine
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Nocturnal is the new Goth magazine for the UK. Dealing not only with Music, but also Cinema, Television, Literature, Theatre and Art. And it's not just entertainment either, like a local newspaper we want to serve our community keeping you up to date with the latest issues that affect you and the news for people like us. The serious and the humorous side by side with original comics and art, insightful and controversial commentary and the best new fashion with top quality models and photographers. For an intelligent view on the scene today from the inside look out for Nocturnal available from www.nocturnalpublications.net
all about eve, all gone dead, all living fear, american gothic, anne rice, art, attrition, avoidance of doubt, b movie, bands, bauhaus, belisha, bella morte, bram stoker, breath of life, brett easton ellis, bubblegum slut, cauda pavonis, christopher lee, cinema, colt, comics, computer games, comte de lautreamont, cruxshadows, d.u.s.t., dead and buried, dead heaven, deathboy, deviant uk, devilish presley, devolution, edgar alan poe, ego likeness, faces of sarah, faith and the muse, fields of the nephilim, film, films, flowing tears, frankenstein, ghost of lemora, giger, glass, goethe, goteki, goth, gothic, h p lovecraft, h r giger, history of guns, incubus succubus, insanitorium, jack's family, jeff noon, johnny depp, journalism, katscan, killing miranda, lacuna coil, lenore, libitina, literature, london after midnight, m r james, magazine, manuskript, marquis de sade, mechanical cabaret, michael marshal smith, music, narcissus pool, neil gaiman, neon zoo, new order, news, nfd, nick cave, nightshade, nightwish, oscar wilde, paradise lost, poetry, poppy z brite, pornovurt, psychophile, queen adreena, razor blade kisses, reading, red lorry yellow lorry, rico, roman dirge, rome burns, rosetta stone, scarlet's remains, scary bitches, sci-fi, screaming banshee aircrew, sheridan le fanu, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, spares, swarf, sweep, synthetic, tapping the vein, the birthday party, the cure, the damned, the last dance, the mission, the modern, the sepia, the smiths, theatre, theatres des vampires, thou shalt not, tim burton, trauma pet, uninvited guest, vampire division, vampires, voltaire, warren ellis, whitby, william gibson, within temptation, writing, zombina and the skeletons